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tv   Eyewitness News at 8  CBS  March 26, 2017 8:00am-8:54am EDT

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we are following breaking news , police in senate are looking for two more shooters after gunfire erupts insiderenes killed and 14 others were wounded, and it is not yet clear what sparked that violence which happened at cameo nigubis morng but cincinnati police say there were at least a couple shooters to opened in town es evening when it started, but just a lot of when shots went off people trying to get out of harms way o arrests, in this case, cincinnati police say they have had trouble here before and right now, there is no
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reason to suspect today is sunday march 26th , good morning, everyone i'm jan carabao. we are starting off cooler this morning so lets get right over to meteorologist justin drabick with the eyewitness weather forecast. good sunday morning. >> good morning. >> too much to hope to repeat yesterday's glory. >> this time of the year it is tough to get consecutive days. hopefully you had a chance to take advantage. seventy is what we hit yesterday. today 30 degrees colder. >> that is crazy. >> it happens. march madness this time of the year. little bit of rain mainly later tonight and certainly on monday and tuesday, just maybe a little drizzle, just a day to stay inside, get some shopping done or chores. we are waking up with overcast skies. but big story that is temperature drop, 43 right now 36.on is east wind off chilly bit of the wind chill. fhirty in mount pocono.
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icing eezing.mountains this morning. ontinues,res hold like this not much showing upnis drizzle until some spots in the morning andl overcast day,te running 10 degrees we will bring back aithighs in the 60's, necessary just a few more just 30 minutes ago thousands o "eyes there,u ca see the race e marathon. taking part inhe her in phel runners are fast, and toward local chars
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, park conserve answer i at art museum.through centerark and they say that they are going to run up, the rocky steps once they get through this race. as you can see video from earlier on this morning race started around 7:30, and then again 10,000 runners are taking part in the race. we have heard so many inspiring stories of people who say fitness has saved their lives. we have heard people who have problems across the country to be here in philadelphia. they say this is a great city as we all any. we have heard people from colorado, from virginia, people who say they wanted to take part in this love run and they are here. and one of participants, this morning is a familiar face,
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"eyewitness news", anchor rahel solomon. she's running her very first half marathon this morning. we caught up with her before the race started and you guys have heard her talking about this race, for the past several months hear what she has to say about this finally arriving. >> i'm so excited. i have committedded. so amazing how community has rallied behind me. so people have been like if you want to do a licensing run together let me know. every week i have a running buddy. it has been nice. everybody has welcomed me in. >> reporter: again, you are taking a live look at the runners, who are taking part in the fourth annual love run here in philadelphia. this is a half marathon. to me a marathon is about 2 miles. these runners are doing well. they started at 7:30 this morning. we will be here as they wrap up, and run up those rocky steps later on after this race wraps up but for we are live at art museum, neat a oh for
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cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> i think j fort 1 mile, one there. >> reportert supporters of the esphilelphia. other cities all acrosshe nieves y among trumpatioide to severali protesting everything, i ca e i think people >> u.s.a., u.s.a. rally is inhe making new we have been trying to do quickly taken over. hundreds of anti trump chaing oo
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trumpiers.otic at one point, when set off cans philadelphia ending the rally, issuing two citations for condu. the clash here far more peaceful anti trump protesters in california. the clh out brawl. >> alycia nieves "eyewitness news". now organizers with the make america great again philado tell "eyewitness news" that theyvent, concerned it would turn into unfolded. meantime president trump says that he can still put together another health care plan, on friday, the current bill, failed to get enough g.o.p. support to come to a vote in the house. andrew spencer shows us what is next for republicans on
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capitol hill. >> reporter: president doubles down on saturday on a statements that obama care will explode, but friday, congress failed to pass a republican bill to reform the affordable care act calling into question whether the trump administration will be able to get one past at all. >> we will be living with obama care for foreseeable future. i don't know how long it will take to replace this law. >> reporter: lindsey graham said in the town hall meeting saturday the president need to reach across the aisle to get something done. >> i think the president should reach out to democrats, i should reach out to democrats, and we should say let's take a shot at doing this together because it ain't working doing it by ourselves. >> reporter: president donald trump has suggested he would work with democrats on the bill but his tone wasn't exactly conceal try. >> it would be really good with in democratic support if the democrats want to it explode. if they got together with us and got a real health care bill. i would be totally open to it.
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>> president blames democrats for not engaging with the process of dismantling the affordable care act, a process which senator graham heavily criticized. >> does it sound familiar that people were being threatened to vote yes? some people being bribed to vote yes. it sound like obama care to me that is what i didn't like bit >> reporter: i'm andrew spencer reporting. well, one person is in police custody following a deadly shooting on the las vegas strip, according to the las vegas metropolitan police department one person died after a man in his 50's began shooting at passengers on a bus traveling on the strip. suspect then barricaded himself inside of that bus as it came to a stop in front of the paris hotel and casino. traffic up and down the busy boulevard came to a halt for hours that man eventually surrendered to police. vegas police are investigating a jewelry store robbery inside of the bellagio hotel casino complex. robbery sent guests fleeing,
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up suspect, smashed a glass windowone videoe officers swarmd cling er, and the bellagio is home towatcy ome exton. woman and several children are okay after escaping, a river , new jersey. flames ripped through a the 170k of kathleen court on frida womao spreading from the lower level , everyone got causes under invest beenn. destroyed after two alarm fire in medicine forward township, new jersey. police responded to the fire on wentwood court after 4:00 yesterday afternoon. eyewitness video shows those flames, fortunately everyone inside escaped unharmed, fire crews placed those flames under control in 90 minutes. new this morning a fire has been placed under control
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here in kensington, fire fighters responded to a call around 2:30 to a building on fire at g and on tear yes streets. they put that out in a half an hour, no injuries have been reported here. have you ever misplaced your cell even if, simply cannot find it on your own? still ahead three ways to find your who phone. we will also have this. i'm pat gallen at west chester university in their new business and public management center but in this headset i'm currently walking through the squad. see how students are utilizing this new technology in this brand new building coming up. this is weird. good morning everyone big difference from yesterday, we were feeling more like, summer yesterday, and today late winter. tracking several rain chances. we will talk about that
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our own pat gallen went back to his alma mater west chester university to see what a new building is doing for students >> reporter: west chester university is flagship of the pennsylvania state system of higher education. and now they have a new building that puts them on par with some of the best colleges in the country. this is new business and pug management sent. what makes it so special. >> it is super conducive to the modern age, is there outlets every where, a lot of furniture, you can move around , it is pretty valuable. would i say big thing is definitely the group rooms. >> it really helps students change their environment, and gives them the ability to interact with their classmates , professor. >> reporter: dean of the
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business school jeffery osgood says brand new building is setting students up for the real world. >> most of the design features of the building mimic what students will find in the work space as they go out, into accounting firms and management firms. >> reporter: gary is an associate professor in the department of geography and planning. he says that the interactive classroom allow students to create and she off that are work in real time. >> this is design studio. that used to be a pen and paper studio. now it is all digital. we do 3-d modeling, virtual reality, i hope in the fall to start doing some augmented reality work. that is all part of the planning. >> reporter: he find vr headsets take his lesson to the next level. he showed me how amazing technology is being utilized. >> you are one of the first people to view this. >> is that right. >> yes. >> we have done our campus. >> let me take a look. >> i'm looking at phillips. >> um-hmm. >> brings back memories. >> yes. >> it does.
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>> i'm in the squad, i guess, i'm in the quad. so i should lay it out and start sun bathing. >> that is right. >> sadly no sun tan in the quad but that shows you just what the students are in store for them. each personally talked to say the building made them feel like they were already in the business world and while that may not seem like much, it is incredibly important in this day and age to get a jump start in your industry of choice. i'm pat gallen for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". pretty cool, but justin, unfortunately no sun tan for us either. >> yesterday, we have a whole lot of sun but if you warmed up, in the upper 70's, pretty impressive. different story to day. we will warm it up, early this week, rain to talk b but lets talk about yesterday. we will go back, remember, a little bit of the west philadelphia, this is time lapse. we are at 40 degrees. yesterday as we just said not a whole lot of sun but enough filtered sunshine peeking through, yesterday morning and in the afternoon to get to us
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77 officially at the airport. now the wind has switched out of the northe, gusting to 24 miles an hour, at plant i can ocean chilly at 42. that means cold air mass in place, all because of the cold front that came through from the north, yesterday evening, calling it a back door front. normally they move in from west toe. that brings moree/northe wind flow so new stuck at 43 degrees in philadelphia, 37 in new york. these back door front bring easterly wind off ocean, generate cloud, overcast conditions, spotty showers, drizzle at times and keeps temperatures cool. here we go forecast high, kind of stuck in the 40's, south of the front, 70's in richmond, virginia. watch out what happened next 12 to 24 hours in a front wars m front. so tomorrow we will talk about highs in the 60's around philadelphia, maybe some spots in the south, we will reach 70-, interior south jersey. pretty quiet on the radar, radar doesn't have a hard -- or easy time picking up that
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light my or drizzle, and spotty drizzle and overcast conditions, main threat for these showers will hold off until tonight and certainly at times for monday, tuesday. here's set up. several rain chances. we have a storm situated to the west, front hangs around. that brings on and off waves of moisture. we have an active jet stream allowing that front to flip flop back and forth, up and down temperatures and period of rain. lets time it out, that is an older graphic but through the day-to-day we will have more light rain and showers tonight, machine morning especially and then tuesday afternoon. that shot for the wet weather. temperatures in the morning and afternoon stuck in the 40 's, in change but we will start to climb after midnight. by tomorrow morning we should start to see 50's returning by seven or 8c in the morning and then afternoon temperatures in the mid to upper 60's, near 70 for capitol sit of delaware. lehigh valley should touch lower 60's at some point tomorrow. forty-eight today, cloudy, cooler with drizzle around.
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tonight better chance for scattered showers around especially after midnight low of 46. there is no big change in the temperature tomorrow. backup to 66 tomorrow. showers around especially during the morning hours, and then tuesday, 72 for the high, some showers in the afternoon, maybe some thunderstorms and then finally we will clear it out, wednesday and thursday, seasonal temperatures, but then another storm, brings more rain in here, on friday, jan, back to you. >> keeping you on your toes, justin, thank you. it is 8:19. time to check the road. lets go to amanda muhler in the cbs-3 traffic center, hi there, manned a. >> there is lots of stuff this morning, for drivers to watch out for starting with a live look at the vine. watch out for road closures in this area due to the love run going on this morning. mlk drive and ramp from the vine to the parkway are also closed there as well, so expect to avoid it all together. kelly drive is also closed down due to tta w have an accident at crescent boulevard and eve frame avenue that accident has caused a down traffic signal as well. that could cause a headache
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for drivers throughout the day finally here's a live lot schuylkill at route one heading in the city your majors are clear, you should not run into too many until you reach the city. in the traffic center i'm amanda muhler new back to you. well, almost everyone has lost or misplaced a cell phone at some point, right? with the help of c here are three ways to find a who device and you may want to turn them on now so you can find your phone the next time it goes missing. >> reporter: iphone users can turn on find my iphone found in the setting app and icloud and then and click find my i phone to ring device or remotely erase the phone. android users can type find my phone in google search as long as you have turned on google now, location services and have the google app on the phone. use a voice command on a amazon echo or google home, for amazon devices first down load tracker app on ios or android and then enable the tracker skill in the alexa app
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then just say alexa ask track tore ring my phone. >> i have asked your phone to start ringing. >> for google home, enable the tell google cysttent to call your phone recipe on if this, then that, or so now you know, now i need to do that. coming up, danny devito on his career and a new starring role on broadway, we will be right
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comip out. >> new york city maybe. let'say. >> here's a look at how famous , and loved. >> danny, danny. >> danny devito is, worldwide. >> with you are you from. >> scotland. >> very nice. >> i'm from london. >> yes, i'm from london.
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>> i'm from new jersey. >> we will go through the tundra. >> okay. >> this was my guy, this was my pal, so i would sit here, you know, hot summer nights. >> reporter: leading me on a tour of the new york city of his acting school days here 50 years ago, led to a polite, feeding frenzy. >> do you got it. >> yeah. >> israel, that is over that way, right. >> i don't come out a lot but it doesn't bother me. >> hey, nice to see you all lets do it. >> throw myself into times square, it is like a chicken with a bunch of pirana, they eat it up. i'm like a little dumpling. >> ♪ >> louie depal man. >> that is me. >> louie depalma, taxi was break through tv role that made him a star in 1978. >> you are a louie list air, yellow belly, chicken.
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>> danny devito, wonder woman at 75 and tribute to the telephone booth this sunday morning right here on cbs-3 at 9:00 a.m. coming up in the next half an hour on "eyewitness news" ... >> supporters of the president trump hold rally with ace cross the country, a day after the republican bill for replacement of obama care was pulled from the house. i'm wendy gilette in new york city coming up. family fun with the flyers , this wants your normal night out with the game, why this was a game changer for families who really needed a night out. after a day in the 70's, back to chilly weather today, justin times out rain chances for end of the weekend when "eyewitness news"
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabao. meteorologist justin drabick is live outside on the cbs-3 sky deck with eyewitness weather and justin, don't you wish it was yesterday right about now. >> i wish we could go back in time but it is late march so we cannot have those days every day. we hit upper 70's, we will be lucky to get to the 40's. 30-degree difference. we will feel that already this morning. overcast skies, at lee we're dry, just maybe a little my or drizzle, that is bit. better chances for rain late tonight and start of the workweek but 10-degree temperatures, difference compared to philadelphia 20 degrees cold inner mount pocono. this map will be around 30 degrees by the afternoon. east wind is the issue and why we are dealing with the colder temperatures. ocean water stuck in the lower 40's. that is where our air temperatures are. they will not change much.
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maybe we will get to the upper 40's. tomorrow though different story. we will talk about another warm up. you see radar pretty quiet, spotty showers well to the north of us. drizzle or my really gets tough to pick up on radar so we may run into that time-to-time. most areas stay dry. we will see another round of the showers. today highs running 10 degrees below average, just a cool easterly wind flow, breeze a long the coast, cloudy, dreary day and then highs around 48 degrees for philadelphia, upper 40's at the shore and only 30's in the poconos. we are talking about 60's and 70's on the way for upcoming workweek and also timing out some chance for rain, those details with eyewitness weather in a few minutes, jan, back to you. thanks, justin. we are an hour in the philadelphia love run half marathon, thousands of runners broke from the starting line this morning, "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live at the art museum where the race began, hi there, anita. >> reporter: hi there, jan this is considered to be good
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running weather and there are 10,000 people taking part in the fourth annual love run. it is sold out, again this year, between all of these runners, this is starting line and the end line here, right here near art museum. these runners have now been running for about an hour as you said and all money raised, will benefit local charities including the fairmount park conservancy i. this is a brand new course. they are running through center city and some parts of the fair mount park. some runners we spoke to say thinks a better course because is there only one hill this year. they are very, very excited about. that we have spoken to, so many people this morning. a lot of people who are from out of state, from colorado, from virginia, from elsmere, who just wanted to get into philadelphia to take part in this half marathon. they say that it saved their lives. they say this is such an important part of their health journey or doing it for fun to be part of the running community that they say, is so
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inspiring. we just saw "eyewitness news" anchor rahel solomon run by so this is her first marathon and she's doing really well. we are seeing tons of people, doing really quickly, this is something i'm in the used to as someone who is not a runner but very inspired by all of these people who are taking part in the love run, this morning, getting up early, hitting the pavements to be part of the fourth annual love run. in the past three years they have raised more than $200,000 for local charities. they are really doing excellent work by being part and being active, out in this cold morning. we will keep up with these runners as they hit the pavement this morning and finish their race and they will be running up those rocky steps as soon as they finish to celebrate this half marathon. so, we will catch up with them once the race is over, but for now, live, at the art museum anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> glad to hear rahel is doing
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so well. you and i can be on the sidelines waving, our pompons and routeing everybody on. >> reporter: i saw a sign that said running to brunch and those are things that will met straight me. >> through go whatever works. thanks, anita. one day after the g.o.p. health care plan failed to come up for a vote pro and anti trump supporters faced each other in philadelphia. >> u.s.a., u.s.a. >> pro trump rally marched to independent mall and then, anti demonstration started chanting over pro trump group. protester set off cans of expect, police did site two people for disorderly conduct but no arrests, as wendy gilette reports, rallies were among many nationwide as the vice-president, promises the fight will continue for a new health care bill. >> reporter: vice-president pence promised small business leaders in west virginia that the fight to repeal obama
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carries not over. >> yesterday wasn't a victory for the american people it was aid victory for status quo in washington d.c. and it was a victory for disaster of obama care but i promise you, that victory won't last long, very long. >> reporter: president trump tweeted obama kail will explored and we will all get together and piece together a great health care plan for the people. do not worry. republican lindsey graham said both parties need to work together. >> the president should reach out to democrats, i should reach out to democrats and we should say, let's take a shot at doing this together because it ain't working at doing it by ourselves. >> reporter: democrats celebrated the collapse of the republican plan, at town halls on saturday. >> we killed the bill that he had, it was aid terrible bill. >> reporter: supporters of the president trump held make america great rallies across the country on saturday including in new york, some republicans here admit they are disappointed right now. >> the republican party eats
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their own, they blew it. >> i wouldn't call that a defeat would i call it making sure it gets done right. >> reporter: violence broke out at one rally in huntington beach, california where 2,000 marchers encountered about 30 counter protesters. threats we omaha, nebraska, top republicans and the president said they are ready to move on to other issues including tax reform. wendy gilette for cbs news, new york. big congratulationness order here, reading red knights are state champions for the first time in their schools history. here's high school basketball squad returning to reading after last night's game, the red knights played pine rich land in the 6a state finals at hershey's giant center, check out lonnie walker, with an easy dunk in the fourth quarter, there he goes, and the knights came out on top with the 64-60 victory. if i can take this medal and place it in every single home in reading i wish i could
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, i wish i could but this is for them. >> i cannot thank anyone but the man upstairs with respect to we finally dit. >> lonnie walker right there regarded as one of the country 's top high school players has signed to play at the university of miami. now to the girls 5a championship game between archbishop wood and trinity. they also played last night in hershey. the archbishop lady vikings were looking for back to back, titles after winning in the lower division last year. the vikings, scored the first nine points of the game. girls from archbishop wood joined the boys team as state champions with the 34-26 victory. when your child is very sick activities that many other people take for granted can become a once in a lifetime experience. the philadelphia flyers recently invited several ronald mcdonald house families to their wells fargo center watch a game. our don bell, joined in on the fun. >> reporter: philadelphia ronald mcdonald house night at
8:36 am
the flyers game. little nicholas is having a great time cheering honor range and black, special night for this five-year old helping him forget for just a few hours the cancer battle that he has been fighting for most of his young life. >> he just had his third surgery and third round of is t everything that mom says. >> yes. >> yes. >> nicholas was diagnosed with the rain cancer in his spinal cord and staying at ronald mc donald house, on and off for four years. tonight's outing is an unusual treat for this little fighter. >> it is awesome, something i wouldn't be able to otherwise do for him except going through what we have gone through last four years so this is exciting for a five-year old to come out and enjoy a hockey game especially like this. >> reporter: this little goalie has his stance down pat seventeen year-old colin delaney is also, enjoying this rare night. >> really amazing, just a once in a lifetime opportunity to
8:37 am
sit in the box. >> we are not aloud out much since recovering from the bone marrow transplant. so this is actually extraordinary that i we can be here tonight. it is super cool. it is really nice to be out of the house. the people, and be normal, having fun. >> reporter: colin has been a patient at children's hospital of philadelphia for close to 300 nights. >> there was a oncology floor called the oncology room and they would give you a free dinner. you can eat as much as you want. they detonated washing machines so my mom can wash my clothes, blankets, pillows instead of the driving all the way home and wash it there. >> the ronald mcdonald room on the oncology floor we would have been completely who. >> reporter: a place for exhausted parents to decompress just like these families are experiencing tonight at wells fargo certainty. even they flyers who, there were smiles all around this
8:38 am
special group of fans. that was don bell reporting. our ronald mcdonald house charities phone bank is tuesday, march 28th from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. please donate to help these brave children and their families. we will be live all day long here on cbs-3. join in on twitter, and at cbs such a worthy cause. well, there is still so much more to come on "eyewitness news" this sunday morning. coming up next we will check with face the nation's john dickerson for a look at today 's broadcast, stay with
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cbs face the nation will be coming your way later this morning at 10:30 right here on cbs-3. joining us now with the preview live in washington is moderator and cbs news political director john dickerson, john, good morning. >> good morning, jan a lot of developments this week to get through. we will start with senator tom cotton, republican from arkansas, he was opponent of the president's health care
8:41 am
plan that was shelved this week. so what happens next? not just with health care? will it go forward in some new form but there is a debate among republicans about how the party governs. how it takes responsibility it has and get some things done. we will talk to senator cotton about all of. that we will switch and talk about russian interference in the election there, was a hearing this week in the house house intelligence committee where fbi director testified, kicked off hearings there. that investigation on will go ing. fbi director weighed in on the president's claim that his predecessor had wiretapped trump tower. we will talk to adam shift, top democrat on the committee. we will talk to tray gowdy a top republican on the committee and try to sort through the issues in that committee. then we have a conversation with secretary of state george schultz for perspective about the presidency, the office of the secretary of state and the globe, he served, of course, for president reagan and president ford. as always we will have
8:42 am
reporters at the round table who will talk about all this news, is what important, is what not and give us a head up of what might be happening next week. >> big week in washington, john, you have so much to cover, thank you, we will be watching. still to come on "eyewitness news" a rainy, raw week to end the weekend, there are more rain chances for workweek, when you might need your umbrella, up next. plus power of puppy love we will tell but the important rolls these puppies played in a local hospital in our
8:43 am
8:44 am
with the power of puppy love on the cbs-3 healthwatch how pets can ease stress and make people happy. health reporter stephanie stahl has more on the special pet visit to a philadelphia hospital. >> hello. >> reporter: magenta month-old puppy getting lots of love from the people who work at pennsylvania hospital. >> it can be very emotionally
8:45 am
challenging to work in an environment such as a hospital >> reporter: hospital stress takes a break when puppies from rescue shelters come for a visit, hoping to be adopted. >> we have a lot of fun. our animals have a lot of fun some times they get adopted out of here. it is really great for both side. >> reporter: magenta and her siblings are star attractions for this paws for pennsy event >> i think it is wonderful because it serves the need of both of these puppies and our community and also people that work in the hospital. >> reporter: doctor jeremy solder adopted a 10 week old lab mix and he and his family named her clover. >> is there stressful field. there is a lot of talk about burnout, well-being and people taking care of the patients. people hoff pets are protect from a lot of those negative symptoms. >> reporter: this visit included some older animals and some kid. >> there is lots of scientific evidence that shows time spent with animals is great for st been a success. >> reporter: rescue animals don't interact with patients but the hospital does have a
8:46 am
program, where specially train service dogs can vice witt people who are hospitalized. i'm stephanie stahl, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, today is one of those mornings where it is tough to get up and moving with these dreary conditions around but yesterday the same deal. we had cloud but it was warm, as soon as you step outside you can feel a big drop in the temperatures. 30 degrees colder by the afternoon. we had highs yesterday in the 70's. today only in the 40's. not much vision in the temperatures this hour from the backyard from our weather watchers due to the cloud cover, and the east wind. check outnumbers, here michael riley has 41. lor 40's around philadelphia. lawrenceville, cherry hill, jenny johnson at 42. left down also cherry hill lower 40's. colder spot 39 in perkasie. and in clementon, new jersey we have 42 degrees at david dutch's house. not much, from today but just blah, dreary. that is bit. but it is a good morning for a run. check it out taking a live lot at parkway from our library
8:47 am
camera. that is love run and half marathon is that rahel? no, she finished. she was one of the top finish ers. she has been long gone. but temperatures aren't too bad for that run but you can see, heavier jackets, spectators, little bit rough with the flags there blowing, chilly outside. but as i said big difference in the numbers. yesterday 77 degrees, at philadelphia international airport, today, this is if we're lucky 48, so through go, 30 degrees colder, in less than 24 hours, and because of the wind, out of the ocean, east northeast sustained at 10 to 15, strong's long the coast tomorrow we will get to change again. these wind shift out of the south so we will warm it up. tomorrow morning you'll feel the difference. by the afternoon we have southwest wind like yesterday, so we are talking about highs in the 60's, maybe even 70's in some spots. not a lot of moisture right now, we have low level cloud, a lit built of drizzle, mist possible, steady showers to the north, freezing rain there , up in the southern tear
8:48 am
of new york state. heavier shower ohio valley, those will move in here overnight tonight in, to monday and even on tuesday, we will talk with rain chances. the reason is the front that came through last night, to our south, but it will move back north as a warm front over the next couple of days. that brings in the warmer air. there will be pockets of the rain ride ago long that front. so 40's today. sixty's tomorrow, off and on showers at time. we will time it out. today not a whole lot just drizzle, overnight we will see scattered showers, develop and then machine especially during the morning best chance to see wet weather but even into the afternoon we will be dodging a few showers, same deal on tuesday, showers, at times,es special lit in the afternoon, and then there could be a afternoon or evening thunderstorm in some spots. not a whole lot of rain we're talking about over this time period but we could use more rain. a quarter up to a half inch, lesser amounts the further south, into interior south jersey and delaware but hey, it has been dry we will take it for for for the pennsylvania few months. dreary day, 48, cloudy skies,
8:49 am
east wind 10 to 15 tonight. not much change in the temperatures. these numbers climb after midnight with some showers around toward morning and then tomorrow, off and on showers at times especially early, and then get up to 66 degrees. tuesday, warmer at 72, and afternoon showers, maybe a thunderstorm, finally we will clear it out, wednesday, thursday, temperatures near average but then another storm , comes in on friday bringing more showers, so very active pattern, jan as we end march, and march is supposed to go out like a lamb. >> hey, it is not listening. >> it is now 8:49. time to check road, lets go over to amanda muhler with the cbs-3 traffic center, hi there , amanda. >> we are taking a live look at i-95 north bound at washington avenue, little bit of fog but good news is most lid are looking clear this morning. tease event drive on 76, 30, 202 and bridges in and out of the city. in accident at crescent boulevard and evefram avenue had had all lanes block. that has cleared.
8:50 am
traffic is still backup. be ready for residual delays there since all lanes were closed early this morning. and finally a live lot vine, looking down at bottom of the screen you can see runners on their way during love run half marathon, ben franklin parkway and mlk drive are closed this morning. kelly drive is closed for re got a amanda muhler now back to you. well, animals and adventure when "eyewitness news" continues. meisha johnson takes a dream drive to a kid friendly museum. plus how you might be able to meet this little guy. we will be right
8:51 am
8:52 am
here on a pair of tickets to
8:53 am
ne into cbs win. you have to watch to museum of new jersey only got to e fury and hill, new jersey not o, newience j s. >> we are in the down the shore exhibit at garden state discovery museum and we are children's museum about new jersey. something about new jersey, something fun and take a few things to get into for kid. >> we focus on behavioral fun. >> so much fun. i have as much fun as the kid
8:54 am
do. >> let's go, come on, in the bubbles, we are going in the bubble. >> little fun and a science experiment. >> we are talking about even joy. >> this is the latest, greatest expansion of the garden state discovery museum. this is getting the kid moving we have obstacle course is. >> yes. >> every where garden state discovery museum you will see dinosaurs and for good reason. >> the first dinosaur balls, discovered in north america was 8 miles from here. >> reporter: rock wall to dig and find their own, dinosaur fossils and dinosaurs skeleton made of wood. >> it is a replica of the 40- foot long female. >> reporter: and descendents of the real thing. >> it is a little baby dinosaur. >> they are here, they are seeing animals, great to see animals, let them out, touch
8:55 am
them with their own hand. >> right inside here is one of my favorite, all time favorite animals, i actually have a turtle, still back in minnesota. >> there is rabbit, and a few other fury creatures. >> we are going to introduce you to our rosie, our tarantula. >> i do like her a lot. >> she's darling. >> sure, kid like it but the strong endorsement came from a parent. >> it is so much fun. i have as much fun as the kid do. >> meisha johnson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> and that museum is a kid dream come true. >> yes. >> tarantula. >> i can't believe she did that. >> gross. >> yes. >> you know what else is gross today's >> yes, tough, dreary tough to get moving. big difference from yesterday. a few more weeks, we will get that consistent weather, mid-april, probl what happens bt keep umbrellas around.
8:56 am
next few days, pyle and temperas will be up too, today rain in the so much, maybe a rain or dre at times but most of the time we are dry, tomorrow showe aroun the afternoon and then tuesday , another round offor afternoon. there could be a thunderstorm as we sta temperatures surge back in the 70's by tuesday but today, different story, wes and then temperatures climb overnight back to 66 tomorrow with the in tuesday. we will get sunshine back out wednesday and thursday temraturs right where they should be upper 50's to for friday so wet week ahead, have yourn c. >> would you say on the record justin we are done with snow. >> never say never but at this know stranger things have happened. >> thanks, justin. >> that does it for "eyewitness news" for now, off t t.ways on line cbs
8:57 am
have a great day, everyone. ♪
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>> pauley: good morning. i'm jane pauley and this is "sunday moin over, at long lastn politics. republican. there smsutua respect either.


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